- Can I use them more places than just my car?

Yes, you can stick them to your desk, kitchen counter, bedside table and more.

Most of our customers buy more than one when they order.

- How do I use it?

First, either attach the circular magnetic sticker to the back of your phone case or just in between your case and phone. Make sure it’s placed in the middle of your phone where the wireless charging power is located.

Then simply plug it in, and place your wireless charging phone on the magnetic sticker. If your case is too thick, you may have to remove the case.

- How fast does it charge?

Our wireless chargers use 7w and higher charging technology. And we constantly upgrade to use the fastest charging speeds available.

However, for older cars with weaker power, you must buy an adapter to accommodate 5w charging and above.

- Can I use a case over the magnet?

Yes, the magnet can go between your case and phone. But not if your case is too thick, then it won’t be able to charge.

Does it come with more than one magnet?

Yes, each product comes with two magnets.

Does Pro Charging Co. Work with any Phone and Case?

Yes, our Pro Charging car magnet works with any phone

However in case, your phone is heavy like an iPod, we recommend placing the magnet sticker on the back of your case for better contact.

If your phone case is thick, we also recommend pacing the sticker on the back for better performance.

If your case is made from an unusual material, we highly recommend and suggest getting a new case to be able to enjoy Pro Charging Co Premium magnets.

Our wireless charging magnet works with iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus, iPhone XS, Samsung Galaxy S8 - S7 - S6 - Edge Plus - Note - 5 - Note 7

- Do the magnets affect my phone?

Or designers of Pro Charging Co. make a completely safe magnet, and will not damage your phone or device

- Where can I use Pro Charging Co?

You can use on any place like your car, office, bathroom, kitchen next to your mirror or any place you want, that's why it's always best to have 5+

- Why should I buy from you?

AT Pro Charging Co. our priority and passion is for luxury charger magnets that are durable and last a lifetime

Although there are others stores that sell similar products on the market, they usually do no cater to the same market as we do, and they do not have the same emphasis that we have an creating the highest possible quality charger magnets for your device or phone

We Saw the old-design clunky magnets that, for some season, are still being sold and are a massive pain to use and we decided to create a completely new product that is looking, much more functional a way easier to use.

You will not be disappointing whit your purchase of a Pro Charging Co. Just wait until you open the box :)

- Does Pro Charging Co. stick well to the car vent?

Of course yes, our charge magnet is designed with premium, sturdy materials and have a strong grip that stays perfectly attached to your car vent.

- Is this a good gift for the holidays?

Pro Charging Co. is an amazing gift for friends family and relatives everyone is guaranteed to love them.

for our experience is a HI demand for holidays.

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